How does Testify proctoring work ?

Testify allows you to take exams at your convenience while insuring the integrity of exam results. The rules governing a specific exam’s administration can vary between test publishers. This response describes how online proctoring works in general terms:

How Can I Schedule an Exam ?

Once your instructor schedule an exam for you, you’ll need to login using our portal. You can select a date and time of day convenient for you. Upon saving your appointment, you’ll receive an email confirming the appointment that includes further instructions. 

Where can I take an online proctored exam ?

You can take an exam wherever it’s convenient for you. However, your exam will be proctored and must be kept secure.
Ensure you are in a quiet and secure location. You must be in a room alone throughout the course of your exam.
Our proctors will ask that you rotate your webcam prior to beginning your exam. Please ensure your computer area contains only permitted items approved by your test publisher for the area. 

How does the proctor know that it's me taking an exam and not someone else ?

A valid photo ID and your face will be verified by Testify as a part of Onboarding Process. The name on your photo ID must match the name on your exam appointment.

Is it possible to chat with the proctor via text chat because my spoken English is not that good ?

Before the exam, it’s possible to use text chat to communicate with proctor. Once the exam begins and Testify is running, text chat is unavailable. You may speak with the proctor at this time. 

Is it possible to take a break during an exam without losing time ?

No Sorry!, it’s not possible to take a break during an exam.


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